Sunday, November 16, 2008

Advice for the President-elect

Across the country, people are already writing to us with their advice for the Obama Administration. Nina, a single mother who is getting her doctorate while also working a full-time job in Pittsburgh, PA, hopes new policies will encourage companies to allow employees to work from home.

“My youngest daughter is ten years old and although we are permitted to work from home sometimes, it is discouraged,” she writes. “I would like to see more options for single parents that encourage us to have more family time.”

Lee in Los Alamos, NM liked what she heard about science from Senator Obama on the campaign trail, and looks forward to seeing those plans enacted.

“I will be one of the thousands of scientists and engineers striving for our country’s energy independence and one of the millions of parents helping educate our children to sustain our country's standing in this world,” she writes.

Michael in Reno, NV is more philosophical:

“My humble request to my future President: Remain true to who you are. Concern yourself more about doing your job than with keeping your job. Call upon the strength of the American people to realize that dream that belongs to each and every one of us, and lead us to it.”

And then there’s Greg in Brownwood, TX, who tackles one of the more controversial issues facing the President-elect and his family:

“They should look into getting a Standard Poodle. My dog, Gracie, is an ambassador. Everyone LOVES my dog. Thoughtful, considerate, low-key, only barks when necessary, playful and fun… Poodles also do not shed, so are nearly hypo-allergenic…”

Keep the advice coming.

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