Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bold solutions to the economic crisis

The President-elect's Weekly Address called for bold action to rebuild our economy and restore the American work force. Many Americans have responded to President-elect Obama's urgent message.

Their comments echo the call to provide relief from economic threats quickly and decisively. These suggestions and stories support the Transition team's efforts to make long-term investments in our economic future right now.

Val T. from Albuquerque, NM, identifies several of the ways the Obama-Biden Administration will act to reverse the economic downturn our economy is facing. She writes:

"I am very concerned about the crumbling infrastructure of our bridges and roads, which we are so dependent on for everything... I am also thrilled that you will create/encourage jobs in alternative energy generation... Creating jobs while investing in the future -- it is a dream come true!"

Several comments focused on the need for a healthy and environmentally-responsible response to the crisis. Janet F. from Depoe Bay, WI, says:

"Let's treat this mess as a golden opportunity. President-elect Obama has America's attention and goodwill so this is the time to do the hard things...

Yes, we need new jobs. Let's make them green.
Yes, we need to help the auto companies. Let's demand green solutions.
Yes, we need to repair our infrastructure. Let's think of green ideas on what to build and repair and on what to do with the waste that will be created.
Yes, we need to repair schools. Let's make them green.

This is our opportunity to do it right. Now is the time."

The problems on Wall Street are also squeezing school budgets and threatening our children's education. Chet C., a teacher from Staten Island, NY, voices his concern about the impact the economic crisis is having in his community:

"One other area that needs help is local and state governments that are planning absolutely draconian budget cuts and service fee increases over the next year. In NYC, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is planning fare increases of as much as 23% and less service. CUNY and SUNY are planning major tuition hikes, and the city Department of Education is cutting school budgets. I am an NYC high school teacher, my school has had its budget cut twice this year alone... This in the face of an ever increasing enrollment...

And I am sure you know, we are far from the only school in this nation facing this situation."

Your voices are part of an important dialogue at a crucial moment in our national history. If you haven't already, watch President-elect Obama's weekly address and let us hear from you:

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