Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Anger Determined the US Election

By definition, anger means a bad aspect of life. Everybody has felt or encountered anger more than one time in their lives. On some occasions they make an effort to control it; although people fail to do so every time. Hot temper not only hurts them, but also it is harmful for others. Street violence and high school fights are few incidents that emphasize the dreadfulness of anger in our society. Therefore, anger is unquestionably undesirable because it diminishes people’s lives, it transforms form generation to generation, and it causes to isolate raged people from the society.

First, from the biological perspective, apart from drugs and alcohols, evidence have already proved that hot temper hurts people’s mind and body. Some of the best scientists in the world believe that endanger of anger is as great as the harm of smocking. For instance, according to Elizabeth Scott, “those with higher rates of hostility not only had pooper [breathing problems] but experienced higher rates of decline as they aged.” ( Moreover, anger is the main cause for mental stress since it not only hurts physically, but also psychologically. When people become angry, they cannot behave as usual. For example, ill tempered people cannot answer to a question paper in an examination expecting a good result, or, similarly, they cannot drive a vehicle without causing an accident. In fact, “[people] who cope inappropriately with their anger are at grater risk for problem-ridden interpersonal relationships” (Scott Thus, as a result of anger, people could experience devastating outcomes both physically and physiologically.

Secondly, younger generation, especially kids, learn eagerly from their parents and grand parents and imitate them. Despite people who believe that kids, who are under the age of five, do not learn from their parents because they are immature, researches prove that kids indeed are educated by parents because parents are their first teachers. (Po Bronson New York Magazine) Consequently parent’s hot temper has a huge impact on the lives of their children. As children grow, they mostly imitate parent’s anger, and might behave according to their parents. As Battista states, “the parents love their children, but they don’t realize that their [angry] behaviour can have devastating ramifications” (New York Times). Furthermore, the parent-children relationship diminishes when children become angry. However, parents too have to realize that their kids learn those rude behaviours from them. Hence, parents are definitely responsible for their children’s cantankerous behaviours because children learn those from their parents.

Finally, societies isolate angry people. It is quite obvious that nobody likes to be an employee or associate with an angry person. The best example is the Presidential Election of 2008 of the United States. As many have predicted, John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, was defeated. Though the main reason for the defeat was his close relationship with most unpopular President George W. Bush, many political reviewers state that McCain’s hot temper should responsible for his defeat. Even before the election, Whites states on her journal, “John McCain lost all three debates, in large part, due to his deep, undisguisable anger” ( Literally, McCain’s poor performance at the debates stole the election away from him. Apart form losing the election, even some McCain loyalists said that he also lost his reputation as a genuine American hero as a consequence of his negative and angry campaign. For example, Collin Powell points out “I've also been disappointed, frankly, by some of the approaches that Senator McCain has taken recently, or his campaign ads, on issues that are not really central to the problems that the American people are worried about.” (Meet the Press). Needless to say, all of these evidences prove that people are not voting for the angry candidate because nobody wants an angry person to be their president. Accordingly, angry people are being portrayed as disgusting figures in today’s society.

In summary, everybody has unique characteristics. Some are pleasant and others are awful. However, undoubtedly anger is an undesirable personality not causes to destroy lives only but hurts others also. Consequences of anger may result with quarrels and even murders. Due to these reasons, anybody who is angry is rejected from the society. Therefore it is up to people to manage and control their anger.
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