Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Week Later, the MyBO Community Continues

On the night of November 4th a long, collective journey culminated with Barack Obama being declared the president-elect. It was an historic event, and one that would not have been possible without a grassroots network of supporters that spanned the country.

For many people, their first real connection to that network was here on this site, either through the blog or through the groups and events on Together, these supporters used the online tools to communicate, raise money, make phone calls, and organize. More than 1.5 million users formed over 30,000 groups and created over 200,000 offline events, culminating in a massive Election Day get out the vote effort unlike any that had ever been seen before.

One week later, even as offices across the country are being closed down and cleaned out, the MyBO group listservs are still active, the comments on the blog remain lively, and offline events continue to spring up on My.BarackObama. As Dan in Phoenix, Arizona explained:

[MyBO] is just too dynamic and has been truly home to so many people over the past 22 months that it just couldn't die. Kind of reminds me of the famous line from Frankenstein, "It's Alive!"

One week later, MyBO is in fact very much alive and well.

In addition to the countless inauguration parties and election victory celebrations being planned across the country, a number of people have been inspired by the call for community service and volunteerism that has been a part of Barack's message from the beginning.

In Seattle, a small group is meeting this Saturday for a community service project to clean up Rainier Valley.

In Los Angeles, Blue Star Family Members for Obama are planning to attend as a group a benefit concert for the USO.

In New Orleans, grassroots supporters are organizing a "Fathers Meeting" to discuss how men in their community can become more active in the lives of their families.

In Florida, a group is using MyBO to promote pet adoption, inviting people to the Alachua County Animal Service's "Adoptahon" and Open House, and a supporter in Highland Park, Illinois is using MyBO to organize a new book club.

As Chris Hughes explained last week:

What has made My.BarackObama unique hasn't been the technology itself, but the people who used the online tools to coordinate offline action. My.BarackObama has always been focused on using online tools to make real-world connections between people who are hungry to change our politics in this country.

You can still find events and groups near you, or reach out in your community and create you own. The tools here are your tools now -- they always have been.

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