Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to AAPIs for Obama

Welcome to AAPIs for Obama

We are a community of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who believe in being an important voice in American politics and who recognize the urgent need to make a positive change to our country.

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Barack Obama's sister and brother-in-law

Maya and Konrad Ng

We are seeking your support of our big brother, Barack Obama, for President. As members of the same community, we want to be sure to let you know that our perspective is important to Barack. For the past few months, Barack has been reaching out to the Asian and Pacific Americans to solicit support and recruit community leaders in his bid for the Presidency. What holds this group together is the belief that Barack is the candidate who inspires people to care about politics and who is someone who brings a wordly sense of intelligence and dignity to political discourse.


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Thank You!

by Konrad NgWednesday November 5 2008 08:54:05 PM
Thank you from our AAPI Vote Director and Deputy Director:

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your hard work and commitment. Because of your canvassing, fundraising, phone-banking, and advocacy, Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. When Barack Obama was elected President, it forever changed the way generations of AAPIs view their government and themselves. This election was not just about making history... it was about creating possibility.

We are very proud of the work of the AAPI Vote Team staff: Daphne, Jordannah, Sid, Jian, Poonam, and Patrice. We are grateful to our AAPI Executive, Steering, Finance, and Leadership Committees. Of course, we would not be here were it not for the countless numbers of AAPI staff and volunteers who worked long hours for Barack and Joe.

We hope you take the moment to relish this transformative victory and to reflect on your hard work. We are so proud of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community for this victory – one that will be remembered for many decades to come.

In unity,

Charmaine and Betsy

Thank you from Maya and I:

We thank you for your expressions of love and sympathy on the passing of our beloved Tutu, Madelyn Dunham. Tutu was the matriarch of this family, and, although she is not here with us in body, we all felt her powerful spirit with us during this historic event.

Over the past 21 months, our AAPI Vote Team and AAPI staff and volunteers have worked hard and achieved much. Thank you for being our bridge to the Asian and Pacific Islander American community. Thank you for making this campaign possible. Millions of people have come together with the purpose of making our country a better place, and we are truly proud and honored to be part of this movement for change.

With Barack's victory, our country now begins a new chapter. This chapter will require all of us to continue our efforts and to understand that our work is only beginning. We have much to do in order to unite and to improve this country, and we look forward to continuing our common purpose.

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