Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to Sportsmen for Obama

Welcome to Sportsmen for Obama

“I am very mindful of the fact that sportsmen in America may have gone hunting with their fathers, their grandfathers, their mothers, their grandmothers, and that this is part of a tradition and a way of life that has to be preserved. And there's nothing that I will do as president of the United States that will in any way encroach on the ability of sportsmen to continue that tradition.”

— Barack Obama
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Barack Obama recognizes the great conservation legacy of America’s hunters and anglers. Were it not for their contributions, including those of great icons like Theodore Roosevelt, our nation would not have the sound game management and extensive estate of public lands available to sportsmen. Obama will make sportsmen and their priorities a centerpiece of his land and water conservation agenda.

Barack Obama is committed to upholding the Second Amendment and promoting policies that will protect wildlife habitat and ensure that hunters and anglers have access to open spaces for generations to come.

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