Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barack Obama is the Person of the Year 2008

Team Obama has just sent out this email to all the supporter around the world
Time magazine has chosen Barack Obama to be the person of the year. It's almost unbelievable look back think that we did such a thing.

We want to thank you first because this all happened because of you.

Times says
"It is here that we find Barack Obama one soul-freezingly cold December day, mentally unpacking the crate of crushing problems — some old, some new, all ugly — that he is about to inherit as the 44th President of the United States. Most of his hours inside the presidential-transition office are spent in this bland and bare-bones room. You would think the President-elect — a guy who draws 100,000 people to a speech in St. Louis, Mo., who raises three-quarters of a billion dollars, who is facing the toughest first year since Franklin Roosevelt's — might merit a leather chair. Maybe a credenza? A hutch?"

Read more about the article on Times

Don't forget to send a message to Barack. We'll make sure that he receives all your messages.

Thank you,

Team Obama

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