Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barack Obama trimmings on President Bush’s Christmas tree - From CNN's Politica Ticker

Laura Bush show off the White House Christmas tree.

It’s a red, white, and blue Christmas this year in the White House.

First lady Laura Bush showed off the executive mansion’s Christmas tree and its patriotic trimmings Wednesday on CNN’s American Morning. Among the decorations: an ornament featuring President-elect Barack Obama.

In a CNN interview with Kiran Chetry, the first lady discussed how the Bush family is welcoming the Obama women as they transition to Washington. Laura met with Michelle Obama in November to discuss the challenges of bringing up a family in the White House, but declined to give the future first lady specific advice on adjusting to live in the country’s most famous home.

“I didn’t really try to give her any advice, but I did say that this can be a wonderful home for a family and that she can make it that way and she doesn’t need to worry about it, that everybody who works here will want it to be perfect for them. They’ll want it to be a wonderful home and that’s the way it’ll turn out, I know,” said Bush.

When asked about the role of the first lady, Bush responded, “All of our first ladies have brought their own expertise, their own interests to the White House, and our country has benefited because of that and I’m sure that’s what she’ll do as well.”

The first lady also opened up about her service to the plight of women in Burma and how she plans to continue her work after her husband’s administration.

“The President’s going to build a freedom institute with his presidential library and so it will be a really good vehicle for me as well to continue to talk about Burma, to meet with dissidents from Burma like the young Buddhist monk that I had the chance to meet with when we were in New York earlier this fall. So that will be a really good vehicle for me to be able to work both with women of Afghanistan, as well to make sure that the freedoms that they’ve won so far will continue. I know that everyone, as they look around the world at Afghanistan sends the women there their very best and we want them to be able to succeed.”

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