Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the run-off seat in Georgia... Chambliss Leads Martin by 68 - 32

The results are coming right now, just after 22 minutes after the polls are closed, Chambliss leads Martin by about 2 to 1. However, it is very early. Martin does well in urban communities, whereas, the republican incumbent does well among rural places.

Needless to say that there not that many people live in rural area. Therefore, if there is a huge voter turnout, and Martin does well in Urbal places like colleges, then there is a possibility that he might win this race.

Above all, Martin has another big advantage over Chambliss, and that is the Obama grass-root supporters in Georgia. After the general election, republicans are disapponted about the fact that McCain badly lost. Therefore, they are most not likly not to participate in this race. That could be a game changer because on the other hand, decomcratics are very endage in this year.

Now 27 minutes after the hour and Martin is gaining ground in Urbal places, as I predicted. One good news is that the results in rural places come early becasue they are easy to count, and of course there are less people live there. After that, may be in the late night, resutls in Urbal places starting to come.

After all precints in rural communities are reported, it is obivous that Chambliss's number will go down. As I stated earler, if they plument far enough, and voter turnout is high, then Martin could have a narrow win

27 minutes after the hour, 1% precincts are reported

Now 35 minutes after the hour, still, Chambliss is leading over Martin by 69 to 31. As I said earlier, nothing to worry about. There are only 2% of the precincts are reported. If you looked at the map earler (results as of 7.27 PM), you can clearly see that the resutls of Atlanta, the biggest city and the capital of Georgia, Columbus, Savannh, or Augustra are not reported. (That is why their are colored in gray - not gay). After the results of thses places starting comming, the gap will narrow. I will pormise you. The gap will narrow and Martin will beat Chambills by a narrow margin.

It does not matter if it is a big win or a small win for a democrat in one of the reddest of states in the map. (of course if it is a big win, then is good. But the point is). It does not matter if there are 60 deomicratic seats or 61 deomicratic seat or 85 deomicratic seats in the seneate. They only need 60 to remove the clothes of the Republicans. So, it does not matter how big the Martin's win is, if it is 55% or 85%. He only needs to get 51%, and Democtrats only needs 60 seats. Period.

Now it's 45 minutes after the hour and still we don't have results in Atlanta, Columbus, Savannh, or Augustr. I will promise you, at the end of the day, Martin will this race in Gerogia. And Al Fraklen will win the race in Minnesota. Democrats will have 60 seats. If not, just leave comment on this blog, and I will send you a gift.

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