Friday, December 19, 2008

Join the Discussion: Service Response

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Paul Schmitz, a member of the Transition’s Innovation and Civil Society Team, kicked off the discussion on service by asking to find out more about the social causes and volunteer efforts making a difference in your communities.

After tracking and digesting many of the more than 4,000 responses, Paul and the team kept the discussion going by posing another question:

He asked, “How can government be a better supporter of the work that you’re doing?”

The answer to Paul’s question lies in the commitment of all parties—citizens and elected leaders alike—to maintain a dialogue that recognizes the value of service to others.

From the Transition side, that means harnessing the enthusiasm about the incoming administration and working together with the individuals and groups already making a difference where they live.

Watch Paul’s full response here:

Comments came from organizers, counselors, educators, law enforcement officers, sustainable farmers, and folks that have just recently become involved with our political process—all of whom are providing an invaluable gift to their communities.

Collectively, their efforts are powering the opportunities and contributions that will establish service as a cornerstone of the Obama-Biden administration.

Millions of voices are engaged in this process, talking about what it will take to help get our country back on track and make the changes so many Americans desperately need. We’re excited that so many of you have chosen to have that discussion on We’re listening, and we hope the conversation continues.

Leave your thoughts on Paul’s follow-up question, or your comments about other service-related issues, below.

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