Saturday, December 13, 2008

Join the Discussion: Transition Economic team responds ::

From the over 3,500 comments posted to our most recent discussion on the economy, two overarching themes stood out.

First, the government -- and very soon, the Obama-Biden administration -- must take decisive action to help the hard-working families suffering during this economic crisis.

But maybe more importantly, a thread ran through many of the comments that focused on the collective responsibility of all Americans to come together to tackle the magnitude of the issues we as a nation face.

We sat down with Economic Policy Team member Brian Deese to hear more about the way they'll be creating solutions for -- and with -- the American people:

Also available on Vimeo.
High-resolution, MP4 format available here.

Like our healthcare discussion, the outpouring of comments, stories, suggestions, and ideas has shown the hunger for change that will help Americans navigate these troubled economic times.

Your overwhelmingly positive response to these discussions keeps pushing our efforts toward a more transparent transition.

We've given our economic team the opportunity to read and digest all of your comments, and we're offering that opportunity to the whole community.

Click here to download a file containing all of the 3,500+ comments in their entirety. Several comments on the site have asked for a complete transcript of the discussions -- if you put it to a creative use, share that with us here.

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