Friday, December 19, 2008

Make Your Voice Heard

Do you want to lead an online discussion on the most important issues that matter to you. Then, here is a prefect opportunity.

Use the form below to share your thoughts.

We will evaluate every single message that our supports share with us and with all the other fellow citizens. Also, you can get involved our 2012 Presidential Campaign via FaceBook and Twitter.

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Here are some of the message

By Sandy Caldwell

"Dear Mr President, I think you are doing a wonderful job in handling all the distractions that seem to be coming at you. Keep up the good work. Sandy Caldwell"

By Julianna Henderson

We are so lucky to have you as the next President.
My Best Wishes,
Julianna Henderson

By Cozette

"We continue 2 pray for you and your beautiful family. We realize that all of working together and through prayer that this great nation can continue to prosper and provide refuge to the all that seek it. We prayer for your wisdom and courage."

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Some of your thoughts will be published on our blog under the title "Voices for Change"

[issues_discussion.jpg]Share your thoughts on the most important issues that matter to you.

Read where Barack Obama and Joe Biden stand on issues. Then submit your comments. Number of other users may response to your initial ideas. Then we'll take a look at all your comments, questions and concerns.

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Thanks for taking your time to send your thoughts to us.

By Team Obama'12
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