Sunday, December 7, 2008

Should Obama use his Campaign Surplus Money to Bailout Detroit

Typically, when a politician finished his or her campaign, they would be in debt. The best example is Senator Hillary Clinton. However, on the other hand, Senator, now president elect, Barack Obama finished his campaign, they we were basically sleeping on a bed of money. 30 million dollars is to be exact -- that's how mush money Obama has in his pocket right now. However, despite all that, we still encourage our supporters to contribute (click on the Donate button in the menu bar). Ironically, liberal news papers like Huffington Post reports that Obama should spend all his campaign money bailing out Detroit.

We, as the supports of Obama 2012 campaign, are amazed by such a report. Anyhow, we still need to discuss that question before all the jerky conservatives get all over it. Should Obama use his campaign money to bailout Detroit?

Idiots like Mitt Romney says that "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt". We don't think that he doesn't care. We just like to think that he doesn't get it. We also this that he is not making up all the consequences of destroying auto industry. We think he is imagining it.

Mitt Romney thinks if auto companies are to fail, they would go away. After all, Romney failed and he wouldn't go away. He was on American Morning on CNN and said, "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt". Do you have any better word that jerk to describe him.

The main reason that public oppose a bailout is that they don't want to waste their tax dollars. However, campaign donation are also part of their earnings. Therefore, despite what jerks like Romney says, we think that our generous supporter don't want their contribution be wasted.

Based on all those information, we set up a poll (at the begging of the sidebar), asking the burning question. We hope that you will give the right answer.
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