Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tucker Bounds... We're gonna miss you buddy - 236.com

Oh yeah baby! Remember Tucker Bounds (now bounces), media spokesman for the McCain-Palin campaign, could not even answer Campbell's Brown's questions on the qualification of Sarah Palin. Now, after that case, Bounds was bounced off to the ditch By the McCain campaign.

Here is the news reported by 236.com

As the year comes to a close, 23/6 takes a moment to say goodbye to all the bit players and historical footnotes who helped make 2008's news extra special. We'll probably never see them again, so before they go we'd like to say... "We're gonna miss you buddy."

When former McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds got grilled by CNN's Campbell Brown about Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience, most people saw the interview as a triumph of honest reporting over spin. But watching that clip, and every other interview Bounds gave during the campaign, you had to hand it to the guy. There might be no more unshakable spewer of pure, substance-less spin in the history of political sleaze. Campbell Brown might have set a new example for anchors standing their ground against talking heads, but Tucker Bounds gave the impression that no matter how many ways Brown might have tried to make him give her a direct answer to a question, it would simply never happen.

Physically, Bounds might be the human being who most deserves the name "pinhead." His long, lean frame almost begs you to shove him inside a locker. Listening to Bounds, it's easy to let his empty blather wash over you in a sea of meaningless syllables as you imagine the years of schoolyard assaults and gym class humiliations he must have had to suffer before launching his career as a professional a-hole. It almost made us pity the guy. Then we'd pay attention to what he was saying, and we'd want nothing more than for a bully to run into the studio and "pants" him on national television.

My name is Tucker Bounds and you want to give me a wedgie.

Tucker might pop up on TV again come 2010 or 2012, and we sure hope he does. His talents for ass-hattery are too great for him not to be on TV. But just in case he does sink into the background of politics, we wanna take this moment to say you were a real d-bag this year, Tucker. And it's the d-bags who make our job easier. We're gonna miss you buddy!

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