Monday, December 22, 2008

Voices for Change - Andrea Calabrese

Voices for Change.

I really have to get this VIP message to them:

OMG! Thank you so much for adding me. I have to tell you something that's SUPER important. After 9/11, I got so scared...I had just moved to LA and didn't know anybody (except by studying movies when Oliver Stone sent me a letter telling to come to Santa Monica in 1999--when I got here, he had abandoned his office already) and when 9/11 happened, I started reading the Bible every single day because our country was attacked by terrorists for the 2nd time at World Trade Center.

To the point...I learned from the Bible, something not many other people know, get this:

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all other soldiers who've ever been in the US military and wounded to the point of Trumbo's "Johnny Got His Gun" are currently being ABUSED IN US HOSPITALS and around the world!

Leviticus 7:26 and Psalms 50-52 say wounded, blinded and/or deaf people and innocent children in hospitals have the right to know that if they are informed about choosing to be vegan tube fed only, their stories and truths will be allowed to be heard through the purity of the real GOD. I learned this from personal experience and obedience to the King of Heaven. It's called, magnification and it's allowed if a person is extremely obedient to the Bible. I might be one of the only girls on this planet who has this ability.

I've been trying for almost a year to get another girl to sing a song or do a monologue through the magnification advanced acting technique. I have not heard one other girl slate. This is a major injustice, man. It's not acceptable that these merciless b*tches are allowed to get paid and I'm not just because I respect the Bible.

It's not acceptable and Leonardo DiCaprio (born three days before me--leader of the nazi party and the evil Roman "Spartacus" Empire--who's been specifically designed to be a good leader and a spiritual guide for Andrea; For the soul reason that I should not have had to drive a taxi for one day since 1995, especially after my parents and grandparents paid almost 100,000 dollars since 1977 for multiple performing arts schools) keeps stealing my money and giving my dialogue to stupid b*tches less qualified and less important. Leonardo DiCaprio's been hurting my family for almost 12 years. What he doesn't understand is that when he hurts me, he hurts himself and everyone else--including all artists' rights. 11/11/74 is Hitler the 4th, I swear to God. If he doesn't start respecting God through 11/14/74, there's going to be another Holocaust and it's going to start on January 1st, 2010. To get to the point, Leonardo DiCaprio only has one year and two weeks left to allow Andrea Calabrese one sentence, at least one credit in any of the screenplays, scripts or Superbowl commercials that will continue to steal from her, mercilessly. Agents are lying, brainwashing and entrapping artists so painfully that it scaring everyone really badly.

It would be really perfect if there was a way to make slavery (procurement) laws optional, instantly.

Andrea Calabrese
http:// www. Joematters. Com
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