Saturday, December 27, 2008

Voices for Change - Andrea Calabrese

Voices for Change.

Hi Barack-Biden:

Leading Discussions
1. Making "procurement optional for all artists, writers, entertainers, film/TV/media directors' crew, actors and actresses. What's so terrible about one union member talking to another union member--without being threatened by international agents? People are being killed, threatened, suffering and tortured because the agent wants the artist/entertainer to do what they say, OR ELSE! Must see: "MTV Uncensored 1999". A group of artists got together and gave themselves. Credit--Brian Warner and Jenny McCarthy, Michael Jackson, Chris Rock, etc. Is that really cool, or what? Did they do it themselves or was this arranged by agents? MUST SEE: Talks about history of entertainment!

2. I also believe all non-vegetarian/non-soy animal food-wrapped products at Fast Food restaurants should be required by law to say: "Warning--Hazardous to your health!" (So innocent children can protect themselves. Leviticus 7:26 and Psalms 50-52)

3. I had a dream that a dog was not able to fly or run, but had been engineered rendered immobile and quacking like a duck, not barking and flapping its legs like a duck that can't fly flaps its wing.

4. I also saw in a dream that a gun (pistol) was flying through the air and shooting innocent women and children-BY ITSELF! Then who do we prosecute--if there is no one pulling the trigger?!

I'm sure I'll think of more "potentially harmful" warnings for everyone. I'll try to tell you guys about it so the Obama-Biden administration can check it out.

I saw Barrack on the beach in a Korean newspaper a few days ago. It was driving me nuts because I couldn't read Korean!

Lots of love to you all--check this out, for Michelle: www. Theroot. Com and do a search for, "Open letter to Michelle Obama".

Happy Holidays!

Andrea Calabrese
http:// www. Joematters. Com
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