Thursday, December 25, 2008

Voices for Change - Caterina Titus

Voices for Change.

I just want you to know how thrilled I am that you are the President. You represent everything I would hope for in a leader. I caucused for you in Iowa, and knew from the moment I saw you that I wanted you as my President. I truly feel that you are brilliant.

I have lived in Iowa since I was 5 years old, but come from a multi-cultural family. I now live in the countryside outside of Fairfield, Iowa where we enjoy the peacefulness and simple beauty of the Iowa landscape. However, within the last few years, CAFO’s have been built by our home where we live with our three children ages, 9, 11, and 13. We are very concerned about this increasing development in Iowa, not only for the health of the animals living in these confinement facilities, but for the environment, and for the sake of human life. The toxicity of these areas is leading to poor health conditions. Our middle son has developed asthma during this time, and I am sure it is not a coincidence…several research studies link asthma with CAFO’s.

My mother was born and raised in Iowa, and we can see the potential Iowa has in leading the nation in terms of human and animal health. You saw for yourself how Iowa was the tipping point for you. Therefore, I am urging you to not have Mr. Vilsack as the head of the department of Agriculture. Please, I urge you to choose someone who is looking to the future of agriculture, and has a vision for animal and human health. Tom Vilsack is NOT that person, as his track record shows that he supports CAFO\'s and bio-engineering.

I know that you are someone who looks ahead, who cares about a better world for your girls, and all of our children. Nothing affects the social system like the collective health of our nation. We are all connected.

Please reconsider your choice, and remember that the big picture is one where we always remember our connectedness with the environment and with each other. Health also bears tremendous consequences for the economy in the short and long term. Thank you for your consideration.

Warm Regards,

Caterina Titus
Ruby Star Productions, LLC

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