Saturday, December 20, 2008

Voices for Change - Jerilyn Powell

Voices for Change. just can't express how happy I am with you two as President and Vice-President Elect. This message is specifically for Barack Obama and his family.

I was an adult before I heard of the Church of Christ and I want to share this information with you. I worship at a Church that seeks to be obedient to the Gospel. Our minister is not elevated on a pedestal, he is a servant of God, he leads by example and he strives to be like Christ.

As a child my family worshipped in the Methodist church, when we moved to Queens, NY there was a nearby Community Church that we attended for Sunday school. As I grew up, I went to church infrequently but always had a Christian base and very loosely lived by Christian principles. When my life went awry, I always returned to Church, but as things got better, church would take a back seat again. I got married and was pregnant with my first child, and that brought a desire in me to truly learn what God was all about. This pregnancy and birth was a gift from God, I wanted my child to have nothing but the best. But how could I provide the best, if I don't truly understand what this "God" thing is all about. My Christianity was there, but it was based on a very weak knowledge of the scriptures. I wanted to know what God was all about, not because my mother told me or my grandmother told me, or the minister told me, but because I read it and I understood it myself. I want my children to live in eternity with God and it is my responsibility to teach them how to get there.

While my sister was in Law School in Buffalo, she was introduced to the Church of Christ's college ministry. When she returned home to Queens, she worship at a local Church that was just starting out. I would visit and I always felt like the Sunday School lessons and sermon's were very informative, but by this time, I was living in Westchester County in NYS, so the commute was a bit long to go every Sunday. I continued to search for a local church, but nothing seemed right. One congregation was into the screaming halelujah but teachning nothing, where members leave saying "what a good sermon that was," but I learned nothing. Others were focused on teaching, but it focused more on a political agenda than Christ. Finally, I gave up. the Springfield Gardens Church of Christ in Queens, NY was far, but it provided what I needed.

They taught me how to read and understand the Bible on my own. They taught me that I need to know Christ up-close and personal. Not based on what the Minister says, but based on what the Bible says. The day I came to worship was the day I stayed and 13 years later, I am still here. God has answered one of my prayers. My firstborn son, who is a second year student at MIT has accepted Christ and was baptized last year. He attends the Roxbury Church of Christ in the Boston Area every Sunday. My other child, a daughter, is a senior in High School, I am praying that she will decide to turn her life over to Christ also.

I have no doubt in my mind that God is with you and that his desire for you and your family is to know him better. I share this Church of Christ URL link with you. Please view the website and read some of the background information. Then go to the directory to find the churches near you; there are a few in the Washington, DC area. I live in New York, so I am not personally familiar with the ones in DC, so please visit more than one, before you decide.

I imagine that you don't personally read all the messages that people send and probably have someone else screening the emails, to bring the important ones to your attention. To the person reading this, I pray that you understand that there is nothing more important than God. And that you bring this email to Barack Obama's attention.

To the President-Elect, I pray that God speaks to you through this email. That somewhere in your heart God will lead you to find His Church. If you do contact the Church of Christ, I would love to hear about it.

To any other person, who may have an opportunity to read this. The message is really for everyone. God desires to have a one-on-one relationship with you. And the best way to start that journey is through his Church. Feel free to save the website, read it and visit a church near you.

May God bless you all and this country.
Jerilyn A. (Powell) Lewis

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