Sunday, December 28, 2008

Voices for Change - Lorie Grimes-Beall

Voices for Change.

Hi, I have been in child support California almost 20 years and for last several years, even tho' she may be 'republican' Margot Bean has had an exemplary heading Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Administration featuring "culture of civility"; she is approachable and has good policies toward diverse cultures, low income persons, etc. I strongly recommend keeping her in the OCSE position and/or promoting her (Note: contrarily, my local child support office in Alameda County, CA formerly had great leaders now retired or deceased, but is currently under siege by poor management, withholding information, abuse of power, not growing leaders, and lack of succession planning.) However, I think Margot Bean would be the type of federal leader I might approach if this isn't soon resolved. I discussed our problem briefly with her at a NCSEA Conference San Francisco, August 2008, and she seemed appalled that one of our senior managers had 'frozen out' target employees. Margot is an intelligent compassionate person. Sincerely, Lorie Grimes-Beall
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