Friday, December 19, 2008

Voices For Change - Serena John

Voices for Change.

Dear Mr President,
i would just like to start with Congratulations an to introduce my self im deborah l john from Kehewin alberta.
anywho the reason why i am writting you is to let you know this, from the first time i heard a black man was running for president. I knew my purpose for going to the states, yes i had for the first time , went to the united states and now i know why. I had attended the annual pow wow in alburquerque new mexio anyways i suppose the real reason was that my spirit if not me had to be there, because history was in the making for the first time since those words from martin luther king said, " I have a Dream ". I suppose i was ment to be a native aboriginal i truly beleive in my native spirit you know i was born in 1960 like Mr King i suppose i had to be there to see his dream come true but not only for his dream but also for my reasons which brings me to share that when i was at the age of 6 yrs old my heart told me that i would never have children. Funny thing my heart also said i would marry a man who chewed snuff ( LOL ) .... i DID and i also adopted 2 beautiful baby girls we are now mosom and kokoms meaning grandfather and grandmother in our native tongue Any who i would just like to mention how proud i was about all the black people from philly P.a and around surrounded areas singing stand up sign up , be heard. Like your people it made my heart melt with pride i am an aboriginal native from canada and proud of it. i was glued to the tube from start to finish on your campaign trail so Brother dont leave your native sisters and brothers behind i wish i could have been there i put the volume on the t.v. so high i could barely hear my self think Mr President you winning was like one of our own winning. peace to my black brothers and sisters your president is my president , YOUR THE BOMB! I wish i could meet you and your family. in closing watch out for flying bullets (lol) no pun intended Any ways may the great spirit guide you and your family and them who work along side of you i hope i havent spoke out of line , if so IM SORRY!!!

p.s.s from day one i wrote many text messages in your behalf on the campaign trail even though i am not from the states i told my family he'll win ( TRUST ME I KNOW IM HER DAUGHTER N DATS ALL I HEARD AND YOUR DA MAN ) AND NOW HEAR YOU ARE! you know you should get native people on your ballets in four years or sooner, an beleive your winning will be in the bag LOL.
a little free info worldwide keep in touch, i have lots of ideas but maybe another time LOL Later, written by serena john for her mother deborah.l.john
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