Sunday, December 28, 2008

Voices for Change

Voices for Change.

Budi Hartono Salim
I hope u can recovery economic,stop war,make a peace,

New England Equine Rescues
PLEASE ask Barack and Joe to do SOMETHING about the transport of US Horses to Canada and Mexico... PLEASE!!... 100,000 horses meet a brutal and disgusting and painful death at the Canadian slaughter plants...and WORSE: the Mexico slaughter plants, where they are stabbed to death with knives! Nevermind all the agony they must go through just to get there! ):


Martin Lubinda Simasiku
Hello Mr President!
First and foremost ,I would like to congratulate you on your immeasurable success!The hope that we had long awaited for,has finally come!
I want to wish you a merry xmas and a happy and of course prosperous new year.
Im a student at the University of zambia and i want you to know you are one of my mentors!!And of course,a friend!
Stay Blessed Mr President!!!

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