Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Voices for Change

Voices for Change.

Joel Love
Mr. President-Elect, Please visit the above site and read another poem composed by Joel in your honnor. Click on the Inspirational poetry link and read "Lula's inspiration" And thanks forthe special response to the poem "hope" in Jackson. Joe

Allyssa Stevens
As the first State in the nation to put your name on the Board in this election - feel free to come visit us! My sons 2nd grade class at Christ the King catholic school fought for their right to vote in the schools election and won with their 2nd GRADE SUFFRAGE campaign! They would love to have YOU come visit them! Anytime, you are welcome!
My son would love to tell you about his grandpa Bill who was a hostage in Tehran and the love & understanding that needs to be spread around the world, not hte hatred.
Come on up to the beautiful state of Vermont - just voted healthiest in the nation!
Allyssa - Proud supporter!

M Irfan Ab

I am the person who has long since become president obama hope USA. What can I get an invitation inauguration Obama?

Nanda Nurita Sari
Dear Barry n Joe
how are you sir? I know its near for you to handle the big,and verry big country.congratulation...p
lease Om Barry n Joe to stop the war in Palestina.i really d0nt like istrael militery action.its n0t go0d...thanks for reading my msg

Barb Hett - Health Care
I am now having to look for insurance because my cobra runs out as of mar 31, 2009. The problem I am having is that I have had breast cancer 8 years ago and if I change to another company there is a waiting period of at least 6 months and I have a pre-existing health problem. If I stay with the same company BCBS I still have to fill out an application and reply for the same coverage I have had for the last 30 years. This does not make any sense to me or my husband. ND has a monopoly insurance company that no body likes but has to deal with. Please help the people of the US with the same problem as I have. I am a business owner from a small town in northern ND. Thank you, Barb Hett.

Dom Kila
Mahalo President-Elect Obama for waiting out the electrical blackout like most of Oahu did on Friday night. It showed solidarity with the people of Hawaii.
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