Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Voices for Change

Voices for Change.

Angela Wilkinson

It pleases me that you are to be the President. You have a grace about you that is calming to lots of people. I wish you, your beautiful wife and children a very merry Christmas with love for the New Year. Do us proud.xx

Elizabeth Yow

I was so thrilled with your history making victory! But I am very concerned over your decision to have Rick Warren participate in any way!! He is prejudice and homophobic. I just hope you do not share his views regarding gay rights.

Maryanne Arnow

Glad to be here, glad you ARE here...
Happy holidays to you and all those you love.

Very best of all the good luck in your new office...May your time there be utterly rewarding to you, and for all of us...

Safe Travels,

Best always,

Maryanne A. Arnow

Nicole Stoda Lenz

Dear Mr. Obama....
First of all I just want to say how glad I am to soon call you my president!
MY dad works through a contract in alabama on interceptor missiles (I don't now the real name but they blow up nucular missels before they can reach us) and my mom is worried he'll lose his job. Can you help me put her mind at ease?
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