Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who is the Secretary of Commerce of the United States

Barack Obama, left, named New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to be his Secretary of Commerce on Wednesday.

Well the current United States Secretary of Commerce is Carlos Gutierrez. However, the new Secretary of Commerce is Bill Richardson, a Hispanic and Latino person. After President Elected Barack Obama introduced him, a reporter questioned Obama by saying that Latino community is disappointed about the fact that Richardson is not the Secretary of State.

In response Obama said that Secretary of Commerce is a great job and Richardson will be a key player of his economic team. He also said that the Governor will play a major role in putting people back to work.

In addition to that, Obama also empahaised the fact that almost half of his staff are Latinos/Hispanics, and the Obama administartion will be THE most diverse administration ever in the history of the United States.

There are many interesting facts are here. First being that many people are curious to know why Richardson, a person who endored Obama earleir on the campaing trail, and also a member of Clinton administation, did not get the job of Secatery of State. The answer is simple.

He want's to get re-elected.

You might be confused, but he is already thinking about 2012. That is why he kept Robert Gates are the Defense Secretary, and Hillary Clinton, to show the bipartisanship. By doing so, in 2012 election, he can sell the message, "In contrast people who said that I am the most Liberal person in senate in 2008, my Administration show real bipartisanship", or something similar to that.

It is smart politics. Of course none of these would be possible if he couldn't deliver "the change we need"

I am very confident that Obama can do it. Yes He Can!
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