Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Answer to the Prayer of Many

Just a decade or two ago things were very different indeed. Segregation and humiliation amongst mankind. Discrimination and disrespect against each other. WAS THAT THE TRUE AMERICA? Efforts triying to bring unity , to bring liberty, to bring equality , to bring fraternity were wasted. Finally after all these years of difficulty and hardship THE LORD has finally answered our countless prayers. He has answered the dreams of children. The hope of the youth to be seen as equal in the eyes of all. And the question of the world whether all His creations are one. Today is the day that all man shall stand as one with one hope, one dream and one vision having been accomplished. Today is the day that signifies the victory of a silent battle. Today is the day people no longer feel different but instead share the unanimous heartbeat of the world. Today is the inaugural of Barack Obama! An indeed spectacular day which portrays the world over that WE ARE ONE!
By Vishnu ,14 , Malaysia
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