Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Blackberry You Won't Find in a Jam

President Barack Obama has a sense of humor, you know. I have watched on television as he smiled and laughed, whether the joke was for him or about him. That is the sign of a true humble person, and the trait for a great leader. Laughter is essential to manage the stresses of the intense life that our President must now live.

So, pardon the pun about blackberries and jam, Mr. President. It will go down in history along with all the other terms being coined in your honor, President Barack Obama. I bet the creator of the Blackberry is extremely grateful to you for all the press.

If you have been watching the news, you know that even before the inauguration there was talk about whether or not President Obama would give up his phone, the infamous Blackberry. There was a debate over security issues and discussion about whether or not the President would be permitted to use the phone inside the White House.

Something about tracking his signal? Pardon me, Mr. President, but if you are using the phone at the White House, won't everyone know that you live there any way? So what's the problem according to the secret service, the CIA and all the agencies who keep you safe?

There, I did it again...I got off track. The original post started out being about blackberries and jam. My Grandmother made the best jam fresh with hand picked berries from the bushes near the farm in Pennsylvania where I grew up. Have you ever tasted Pennsylvania Dutch homemade blackberry jam, Mr. President? I would love to send you the recipe.

Blackberry Jam is a great idea for a fund raising item in your honor. It could be used for some special programs for the youth and for education. I would love your endorsement on that Mr. President. It will be my first contribution in helping rebuild America.

It would be a great contribution to boost the economy in parts of the country where it is needed. I know some great families in the Pennsylvania region of the Appalachians that would be uplifted by producing this fine blackberry jam. It would need an Obama label to sell. I would start the ball rolling. Who needs a tax break when blackberries and jam can boost the economy?

I am not being flippant, America. There is so much need for humor in the current state of our world. Laughter is healing. I am grateful to a President who knows how to laugh and who knows when to laugh. Hope is alive!

God Bless America and thank God for blackberries and jam.

Cheryl Lynn Gardner
The Midnight Writer
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