Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 Inauguration Day for President Barack Obama

"Our Union is perfectable." said Lincoln.

Barack Obama will use Lincoln's Bible to take the oath of office.

Obama's Inauguration Theme is "Renewing America's Promise".

President Barack Obama will be taking the oath today on steps built by slaves.

Washington added "So Help, Me God" so others followed.
Truman's inauguration in 1949 was first to be televised.
Lincoln was the first president to allow African Americans to be in the inauguration parade.
George Washington gave shortest inaugural address "135 words".

Crowds arriving by thousands to the National Mall. It is very peaceful down here. It is really euphoric according to press. People are huddling to keep warm.

Reagan was the first to move the swearing -in to face the National Mall.

Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over inauguration.
Obama's Parade will include 7500 active duty military personnel.
Obama will escort President Bush from a departure ceremony.

There will be an estimated two million people in Washington DC today. There is a sea of people at 7:00 am Eastern Time 5 hours before the actual inauguration scheduled for noon according to tradition.

The sun is rising over Washington DC. It's 20 degrees this morning. Wear warm clothes if you plan to attend.

The crowds are shouting with sheer jubilation shouting "Yes We Can!"

The helicopter is flying over Washington waiting to pick up President Bush to transport him out of the White House.

Barack Obama is giving out his personal cell phone number to members of his staff. This shows his willingness to make himself available.

Reporters talked about the "charisma of Barack Obama" and his willingness to involve the people in the government of this country.

The Vice President Joe Biden will be sworn into office before President Barack Obama.

The Washington Post sold out at the Starbucks in Alexandria, Virginia where I am writing this post. The address of this very location is Mount Vernon Plaza 7696 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia. They have been very hospitable in allowing me to sit in here today to blog the events as they unfold to the countdown of the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

CNN's John Roberts and Kiran Chetry report live from Washington on the inauguration of Barack Obama.

The new President will talk about the theme of ushering in the New Era. It is being termed the "Era of Responsibility." Obama is asking for patience as some of these problems will take a little time to solve.

Today's Headlines on CNN American Morning - I am noting these headlines as a record of world events and news around our nation as the new administration and the 44th President Barack Obama take office.

For Obama, Lincoln was model president.
China girl confirmed with bird flu
Consumers urged to use caution eating peanut butter
Demonstrations, preparations under way in Washington.
Arrive early, wear comfy shoes
Six Guantanamo detainees released
Zimbabwe power-share talks break down.
Human rights lawyer, journalist killed in Russia
String of bomb blasts, people killed in Iraq
Russia resumes gas flow to Europe
Water taxis to ferry hundreds across the Potomac River.
Obama as President plans to meet with military leaders on Wednesday.
Recorders recovered from Hudson in 'excellent' condition.
Early events include music from Aretha Franklin
Obama invited 255 surviving Tuskagee Airmen
New Prosecutor looks at Jon Benet Ramsey case

Barack Obama will articulate his call for people to make more personal sacrifice. He will talk particularly about the sacrifice of our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Presiedent Obama will ask the people to step out more to participate in the changing of our nation for the better, especially in the economic tough times that we face.

At 7:27 am I can hear the crowds of people at the mall shouting "Yes We Can!" as I watch the CNN.com Live with facebook on the internet. I made the decision to blog from this Starbucks in Alexandria, Virginia so I could have access to wi-fi, warm hands and a good seat. This way, I will actually get more of the news than if I were in DC. My biggest contribution and dream for this inauguration was to blog this day on the new President's blog at ObamaBiden2012.

Cheryl Lynn Gardner
The Midnight Writer
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