Friday, January 2, 2009

Join Our NEW Obama'12 FaceBook Site

Team Obama'12 just our this email to supporters

Dear supporter,

Almost a year ago, we made history by winning the Iowa caucus. From then own, because of you, because of what you did, we managed to win the nomination; and then, made history on November 4th.

Looking ahead, we are going face with many challenges and new opportunities. Over the next four year, we need to stay connected with all our supporters -- Democrats, Republicans and Independents who stood for change in 2008. Your ideas and thoughts will shape up the new administration. In 2012, we want even more people to get involved and join our movement.

In order to do so, we need you to join our NEW Obama'12 facebook site. Go to BarackObama2012 and become a supporter.

First, sign in to facebook and go to

and join our campaign.

With your support, voice and guide, we know that Barack can win in 2012.


Team Obama'12
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