Monday, January 19, 2009

Letter From Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a civil rights hero in America regardless of race, creed or religion. On that precept, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood as a valiant man with enough courage to speak about the concept of brotherhood/sisterhood. He lived in a time when an idea that all people are one was a controversial belief. Martin Luther King, Jr. did more than speak about unity, his life was a living example. He lived and died for our freedom and for the civil rights of all peoples.

America is a nation built upon the sweat, blood, courage, tears, ideals and dreams of our forefathers and foremothers. In the history of our nation, Martin Luther King, Jr. is both a hero and a legend. If he were living today, he would stand at the inaugural stage tomorrow as Barack Obama and Joe Biden are sworn into office as the 44th President and Vice President of the United States smiling with a great sense of contentment.

We have all come a long way indeed. Great strides have been made as a nation and as a 'people'.

Barack Obama, when you take the oath of office as the President of the United States tomorrow, know that Martin Luther King, Jr. is smiling upon you. He will be sending a message from beyond that he is overjoyed that his life was not wasted because a man like you had vision enough to grab hold of such a great dream. Barack Obama, you can feel proud that you have actualized a vision held by another great man from another great time in history.

Congratulations on a job well done.

The Dream Lives On!

As a Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. I want to share his famous "Letter From Birmingham Jail" with your readers. This letter marks a crucial point in his ministry as a civil rights activist. It is fitting that people take a few minutes to read this letter.

The Letter From Birmingham Jail is heralded as the most important letter in civil rights history.

Visit the The Encyclopedia of Alabama for more information on the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his speeches and writings.

Read The Letter From Birmingham Jail in pdf format found at

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