Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Message from Jill Biden - From

Today, I’m excited to share some news with you. You may have already heard that the President-elect, Michelle, Joe and I are planning to spend the day before the Inauguration – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – performing activities devoted to serving others in neighborhoods across the Washington, D.C. area. We’re hoping you join us – not just in service activities that day, but in making an ongoing commitment to serve our communities and our country. To help, we’re unveiling a brand-new website:

It’s a tool that will allow you to organize a service event in your community and recruit others to join you. Or, if you’d prefer to join an existing event, the site will direct you to what others have organized in your neighborhood. For those of you who were supporters during the campaign, it’s a lot like what we did on

You built this movement – person by person, neighborhood by neighborhood. And that’s how we’ll begin the work of renewing America’s promise: together.

Like many of you, Joe and I believe our nation has one truly sacred obligation: To take care of those who defend our families, our country and their families. And as a mother with a son in the National Guard, I know the strains that deployments can have on military families. There are countless stories of untold bravery – of sacrifices so profound, but also so unknown to everyone but the families of those who are serving.

Whether it’s assembling care packages for our service men and women stationed around the world, supporting programs for at-risk youth, or fixing up a park in your neighborhood, can help you find the perfect way to serve near you. And if not, you can create your own event and recruit others who might just share your same passion.

As we come together to begin the work of renewing America’s promise in earnest, we need you now more than ever. Because the way you built this movement is the only way we’re going to rebuild this country – one block at a time.

- Jill Biden

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