Sunday, January 4, 2009 - A Bias Website by Norm Coleman

By: Jack Thomas

A bias website about Minnesota's senate recount made by Norm Coleman. This website is all about throwing negative a false attacks against Al frankeln. Besides, the stories and all news reports are taken from other website, like Washington post and The title of the web site states, "Keeping a watchful eye", but those narrowly published news articles does not say anything about a watchful eye. Those reports are blindly taken our of random websites by Norm Colman

It is interesting to see who runs the website, besides Norm Colemans' stupid campaign. The site is run by NRNA - a group that slammed Obama during the 2008 campaign with false negative attacks. They use this website to take raise money to now attack Al Franklen.

Another interesting aspect of the website is the time period of the articles. After November 31st, the site hasn't updated. The latest article was written on Nov 4th and the title was "For Franken, A Math Problem". In other words, Norm Colmen did not have an articel to pick up from Washington Post or Politio that attacked Al Franklen. Of course there are other articles On CNN's Political Ticker and that actually brings up the facts. Ironically, Colmen does not post those truthful articles on his website because he use his "Watchful eye". (Are you really certain that Colmen is not an owl). After all, it all adds up why Colmen does not publish anything after November 31. On December 12th he went the courts crying that the recount is not fair. Ever since Al franklen takes the lead, after number of news papers from the state of Minnitoa projected Franklen to win by around 75 votes, Colmen is fuzzy. Ever since then, Colmen goes to the courts crying like a little girl.

At the end of the day, it is Norm Colman who has the Math how has the Math Problem. The title should be re-written as "For Norm OWL Coleman, a Math Problem".

We encourage our supporter not the go to sites like because it may look like a fair site, but is runs by the same old people who called Obama a terrorist, Socialist and communist.

If you want the lean more about Minnesotas' recount, we have posted number of articles on our Blog. They are taken from sites like CNN and Political Ticker.

Update: Breaking News -- On Sunday January 3rd MN board projected that Al Franlen to win the senate seat. Finally it's over. Click here to learn more.
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