Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama 2. 0

It is all the rave in the news, being called "Obama2.0" on CNN. News Correspondents are referring to Barack Obama's open internet policies as if it were a unique software program. Essentially, it is even more than an internet trend, it is a direct "Change" in the way government perceives its interaction and influence by way of one of the largest news medias available today, the internet.

President Elect Barack Obama and Vice President Elect Joe Biden have been using the internet to campaign and to convey the latest news about the transition that will take place after the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2009.

Utilizing blogs- such as this one- to chronicle the latest events and news is a very up to the minute form of reporting delivered almost instantly. A world living in a technical age where every thing seems to happen at the speed of light wants all the news NOW. Blogging provides a resource that makes information instantly available worldwide via the internet.

ObamaBiden 2012 have been using two very popular social sites to communicate during the campaign. According to the latest announcements both on these sites at Twitter and Facebook,and on CNN, this practice will continue during the Presidency. It is a pilot program involving the people as never before implemented. This is a dynamic platform to share with the people and to give the people a voice in government.

Giving significant recognition to the comprehensive and unusual internet campaign is vital in the "Change" policies that President Elect Barack Obama will bring to government.

Before I begin writing formal posts about the pre-inaugural events, I wanted to say Thank You to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for providing this open forum where the people can share their voice with the government representatives. Having a blog where volunteers can write guest posts is a unique "change" indeed. If this is a preview to the changes that America will see in our nation and the way that government relates to the people, then this is an exciting time indeed.

Congratulations to the new administration and thank you for opening the door to a new world.

Post by Cheryl Lynn Gardner,
a/k/a The Midnight Writer
A Voice supporting the change in America.
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