Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamas At Church This Morning

Update: Live on CNN.com -

Barack and Michele Obama are leaving St. John's Episcopal Church at 9:49 am Eastern Time in the motorcade riding in a black armored limo.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama are attending St. John's Episcopal Church at 8:50AM just across from the Haye Adams. The same church most President Elects and their wives attended by tradition.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama are having coffee with President Bush and his wife Laura and family this morning. Afterwards, they are coming back to the White House.

Barack and Michele Obama will go to the inauguration ceremony at 11:30 am.

A Bit of History:
The tradition to attend church services on inauguration day began with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933. The services will last about an hour .

9:55 am Obamas Arrive At White House

11:30 am : Inauguration Ceremony Begins

12:00 noon: Swearing in of Barack Obama

According to 21st Amendment of the Constitution, 12 noon Eastern Time is the swearing in time for the President Elect.

As I write this post, CNN is streaming "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" song.

Tens of thousands of people are gathering at the National Mall in the nation's capital at 9:16 am Eastern Time. Current temperatures in Washington DC teetering at 21 and 22 degrees. There were flurries this morning. Normal temps for this time of year is 42 degrees. The wind chill with north winds feels a lot colder, so dress very warmly in layers if you are attending. Move around to keep warm and increase circulation. Seek shelter to warm up. People are huddling to help keep warmer by sharing body heat.

The coldest inauguration ever was in 1985 at President Reagan's inauguration.

Source of information is CNN.com Live with facebook. Thank you for airing this historic day for all the world to watch.

Cheryl Lynn Gardner
The Midnight Writer
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