Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Poet Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth reads a poem after President Barack Obama' inauguration speech.

It is a very moving real people in the real world poem.

"We encounter each other in words."

"Say it plain, that many have died who brought us here."

"Some live by love thy neighbor as thyself.
Some by do no harm and take no more than you need.
What if the word is love?"
-By Elizabeth Alexander, excerpts from her poem.

The full text of this poem will be posted here as soon as I can find a copy.

Benediction was given by Joseph E. Lowery.

In supplication to our Father God.
"Shadowed beneath Thy Hand, may we forever stand."

"We know Lord that you're able and willing to work through stable leadership to heal our wounds."

We seek forgiveness and come in the spirit of solidarity.

And as we leave this mountaintop, help us hold onto to the spirit of fellowship.

We know You will not leave us alone.

And in the joy of a new beginning...he prayed humorously for all the colors of mankind.

With justice and for mercy, say Amen. Say Amen.

The National Anthem was sung at 12:38 pm.

Thank you for this great opportunity to blog today.

Cheryl Lynn Gardner
The Midnight Writer

Note: One of the sponsors of the inauguration is Starbucks as announced on CNN.comLive facebook.

I want to personally thank Starbucks for allowing me to sit here since before dawn to capture the live broadcast on my laptop so that I could write on President Barack Obama's blog.

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