Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prepping for the Inauguration: "The end of a long road"

As preparations for next week's Inauguration ceremonies continue, the last of the volunteer trainings wrapped up in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

News Channel 8 reports:

Thousands of volunteers received their Inauguration Day assignments Monday night, only eight days before the historical event.

Fired up like an army preparing for battle, 5,000 volunteers marched into D.C.'s convention center to receive their final assignments and training for Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

... For Francis Atkinson, the inauguration marks the end of a long road with the Obama team. Atkinson, like many others who gathered Monday night, worked on the campaign as a volunteer. She worked across the country knocking on doors passing out flyers, urging people to vote for her candidate. Now, she has one more chance to give to the cause that has become so much a part of her life.

"I'm not going to lose the momentum because that's what it's all about," Atkinson said.

Many of the volunteers will work as ushers, stationed at airports and Metro stops to provide directions and help answer questions. An unprecedented 60,000 people had sent in applications to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to volunteer by January 1st.

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