Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senator Hillary Clitnon - withdrawal of troops from Iraq 'top priority'


Clinton made her case to be the next secretary of state Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. (Getty Images)

Sen. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq would be a "top priority" of President-elect Barack Obama's administration.

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Clinton's comments came as she appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for her confirmation hearing for the position of secretary of state.

During her testimony, Clinton said the withdrawal would occur "in the context of the status of forces agreement" that the Bush administration recently signed with the Iraqi government that requires the removal of U.S. combat troops by 2011.

Clinton, however, acknowledging a "difference in timing" with the Iraqis, says the administration hopes to remove U.S. troops from cities and villages by June.

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