Friday, January 9, 2009

Voices for Change - Barbara Brower

Voices for Change.

My name is Barbara and I am a 59 yr old female who has been out of work for 18 months. I don't feel the stimulas plan re: tax reduction will help. People cannot afford to go out and spend and I undestand it will only mean of difference to a family of 4 of $20 per week. Also the $3000.00 to companies that hire a person, I feel won't work either. If a company needs more help they will hire anyway. Until people get back to work, the economy will stay the same or get worse. Where I live in Kankakee, IL, the unemployment rate is above 10%.

I have never asked anyone for anything in my life, but right now I would like a bailout of $85,000. That would pay my home off, my car off and my 2 credit cards off. But I suppose that is asking too much since I am not a big Bank. I'm just an ordinary person who was a middle class person and am now a poor person.

I feel that since so many millions of people are out of work, It would be better to pay unemployment and food stamps indefinately instead of the tax break. This is what people need now.

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