Sunday, January 4, 2009

Voices for Change - Deb Stewart

Voices for Change.

My name is Deb Stewart. I am a former Mortgage Loan Officer in White Lake MI. No Sir, I wasn't one of the Loan Officers that raped people. I was one that was trying to make a difference. My husband has been a dairy manager at Kroger for the past 34 years. He started there when he was 16 years old. He is now 50. His passion and love is photography.(I am his first passion and love though...hehe) He for several years was ranked as one of the top 10 Nature photographers in the nation. So when the mortgage market died, I decided to move forward with our dream of opening our own photo studio. Everything is going great. We are calling ourselves recession busters. We are giving quality prints and very fun and personal service for very, very low prices. Prices that most people can afford, regardless of their financial position. I don't believe that High School Seniors and Mommys of Newborn babies should have to go without pictures of the most memorable times of their lives because of financial problems that were not caused by them or their families. Anyway....I AM making a difference here in this small town of White Lake, MI. Our business is growing quickly from word of mouth. Im happy and Im proud. I am also very scared. Due to the cutbacks from the banks, I am afraid that all of our reserves have been revoked. We have 780 scores and never made a late payment on anything...Never!! Nothing for me to fall back on in the event of a short month. Please President...Help me help others. I would be lying if I said I wasn't in this business for myself, But my God, How nice it is to see how happy kids and parents are when they are able to have pictures taken. Great pictures I might add and more importantly...ones they can afford. I know that you are overwhelmed by so many people in the same shoes as myself, and if you can't help me, can you tell me where I should go to get help? I am at a loss here. If this business does not succeed.....Not only will my business fail, but I will be forced to consider extreme measures such as Foreclosure and have to file for bankruptcy on everything, as my husbands income will not be enough to sustain us. I want to send my 3 children to college right now, not go looking for an apartment. I really dont want to be a statistic....I want to help people keep the faith and hope!!!! I really am making a difference here!!!!
I run my business out of my home, my studio is downstairs and we travel onsight to most photoshoots as well. We have no staff other than ourselves....we have no overhead. I know if we could make it through one more year, the business will be profitable enough to take care of us. Please help me figure out how to make it one more year. Grants? Loans? any ideas at all???
Oh yeah President, One more thing before I go....As always, Referrals are always welcome, as they are the lifeline of my business.

I believe in you President..... I hope you believe in me!!

God Bless my Friend and Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

Deb Stewart
George Stewart Photography
6201 Tyler Woods Trail
White Lake MI 48383
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