Thursday, January 1, 2009

Voices for Change - Evelyn Voigt

Voices for Change.

The whole world is watching you with renewed hope that you will indeed change the US policies of the past administration. This includes holding Israel to account, just as we would any other country. You may wish to visit the following web site: for other perspectives on alternative approaches to conflict resolution). But first, I would plead with you to stop the bloodshed in Gaza.

The following statements by others reflect my sentiments entirely. Please take them into account in your thinking:

"As we watch the Gaza bloodshed with horror, appalled at how the crisis is spiralling further out of control, one thing is clear -- this violence will only lead to further civilian suffering and an escalation of the conflict.

"There must be another way. Over 370 are dead and hundreds more injured -- rockets are striking Ashdod deep inside Israel for the very first time, and the sides are mobilising for invasion. A global response has begun, but it'll take more than words -- the immediate violence won't end, nor will wider peace be secured, without firm action from the international community.

"After eight or more years of ineffective US and global diplomacy -- and now Gaza's bloodiest day in recent memory -- we must issue a global outcry demanding that world leaders do more than make statements if they're to bring peace to this region. The UN, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA should now act together to ensure a ceasefire – which includes an end to rocket attacks into Israel and opening the checkpoints for fuel, food, medicine and other humanitarian aid deliveries.

"With a new US President taking office in less than a month, a real opportunity exists to breathe new life into peace efforts. These latest hostilities require not only an immediate ceasefire but a commitment from Obama and other world leaders that resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the very top of their agendas. As the whole world is impacted by this ongoing conflict - we should demand nothing less."

And I do demand nothing less! Thank you for your time.
Evelyn Voigt, Canada
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