Thursday, January 1, 2009

Voices for Change - Gordon Breedyk

Voices for Change.

Dear President Elect Obama,

In Canada we are filled with hope and faith that you will "do the right thing" in regard to so many issues / problems. However, one in which I have grave concerns about everything I have heard you say and seen you do is Israel and the Palestinians. I believe it is possible to be a "friend" of Israels, yet tell them when they have done wrong ... in fact, that's what true friends do. And how in good conscience can anyone condone the current bombing of Gaza and the killing of so many innocent civilians (at the moment, 4 dead Israelis and 400 Palestinians). Why? In large part because Israel's best friend and provider of the means to perform the bombing raids and killing capability doesn't appear to have the courage or common sense to stop them. It is in Israel's interest to stop the attacks ... and it is your power to have them do so. Just as took place in Iraq, more hatred is being fomented, moderate voices are transforming into terrorists and the cycle of violence continues.
You promised change - it is now for you to deliver. Supporting Israel in doing what has not led to peace in the past 60 years, will not lead to peace in the coming weeks or months either. Respectful, measured and honest negotiations can bring an end to the violence and the unconscienable suffering and bloodshed. Please take the required to bring this terrible conflict to an end.

Thank you
Gordon Breedyk
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