Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Voices for Change - Janan Cordell

Dear Mr. President elect,

We are very excited about your inauguration and are looking forward to seeing you as our 44th president in Washington. We fully support your ideas and decisions that are for the people, by the people, of the people.
After reading your Stimulus package that sends up to $500 to each family to boost our economy would be appreciated but not helpful in the long term. Already families are struggling to pay their bills and if they are not paying off debt then probably they would spend this money on Chinese made trinkets from Wal-Mart. President Bush tried this tax rebate a few months ago and it was not successful.

So, instead of sending rebate checks that produce little benefit, please invest this money in developing mass transit systems like trams and bullet trains and renewable energy projects that create American jobs and produce benefits such as reducing America’s carbon footprint. Currently, these mass transit systems are successfully operating in Japan and many European countries, America needs to catch up.
Instead of cutting taxes you need to increase the gas tax, close corporate loop holes, and increase tax rates especially on upper 10 per cent as our hugely irresponsible debt should not be passed to our children and grandchildren to deal with. Do not meddle with entitlement programs!

Sincerely and good luck,

Janan and Ed

Concerned Citizens
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