Saturday, January 3, 2009

Voices for Change - John R. Dade

Voices for Change.

Mr. President-Elect,

I am completely behind your plans and your agenda for the future of our great country. I will do whatever you suggest to create a more perfected union. I would like to ask you about the issue of after-prison life or after felony conviction life. I have served this country proudly in the past and have even raised 2 teenage girls as well as being in the process of raising 2 younger siblings. I am a disabled veteran, yet I am more likely to only be described as a drug convicted felon. I am finishing up a degree here in Colorado in Human Services with a focus on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. With my knowledge of the field and yes even in this field it should be a no brainer with my grades and purpose driven demeanor to be able to work in this field. Yet, it is come to pass that this is no small feat and much harder than it needs to be. Will you address that Americans with felony convictions (not felonious Americans), are still first and foremost Americans that need to provide for their family legitamately? I want to matter again, I was able to vote in my state and with over 17 million involved in the judicial system can we really continue to just "throw away" citizens who make mistakes? If you are able to address these issues it would make a difference in so many lives but I do understand that your plate is full. Tell me of anything I can do and know this: I will make it and thrive in the field I have chosen to give back in, I just want hope to be a universal right and not just a earned choiced that can be lost.

With complete loyalty,
John R .Dade
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