Thursday, January 1, 2009

Voices for Change - naomi goldman-nagel

Voices for Change.

Dear Barack Obama, or do u prefer President Obama?

Hi! My name is Naomi Goldman-Nagel, I am 12 years old and really excited about our new president! I hope you can help put our economy back together! After my parents divorce in 2006 my mom has had a hard time paying the bills and helping me and my little sister Abby just be kids. She says that if she lived in a smaller house it would be easier because it would have a smaller mortgage. But now she says if she tries to sell our house she wont get nearly what it's worth. My dad lives in a condo near down town and has an easier time with the mortgage because his house is half the size of my moms. They are both lawyers, but, my dad has his own firm and my mom works for a small company of about 15 other lawyers and a couple secretaries. They used to work together at my dads firm with 1 other lawyer, but then because of the divorce they wouldn't work together. Before their divorce their small law office was very successful. It started right after my dad got out of law school and was 14 years old when they had to shut it down to find other work. He fired the other lawyer and sold his large office space to a bigger company and bought a tiny office on top of a museum. My mom says that his business is going better than her job at the other firm, she also says her firm in dept because of what George Bush did to our country. He practically turned it upside down. I chose to write this e-mail when i found you on facebook. Both my parents have been very involved in the election this year. My mom especially, she used to work for Hilary Clinton it wasn't anything official and she didn't get paid but she knew a man in our town that was best friends with her and told him her ideas for the campaign. At first the man pretended that they were his own ideas but she realized what he was doing and ended up getting tickets to a umm i forget what it's called, but it one of those things that the presidential candidates go to and share their ideas..? She went to the one in Iowa with another lawyer at her firm. I think she shook your hand but you probably don't remember. That's ok though. After Hilary lost the primary she showed immediate support for you. We even went to the democratic national convention! My grandpa was a delegate for Oregon and my mom was on the rules committee. I have seen you speak another time with my dad when you came to the Khol Center in Madison, where I live. Thank you for take the time to read this and I hope you can save our economy!

Thank You,
I'm sorry if this e-mail distracted all the other more important things to do than read a 12 year olds e-mail.
Naomi Goldman-Nagel
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