Thursday, January 8, 2009

Voices for Change - Saleh Uddin

Voices for Change.

Mr. Obama,
This is a open letter to you. I am a Licensed Real Estate Consultant in New York City. As you know, we are Real Estate Consultants already having a hard time. Specialy even qualified excellent credit scores with over 20% downpayments Buyers also getting hard time to get mortgage.
We all are waiting to hear possitive comments from you. Today, we are shocked once again to hear from you, Recession will get worst to get better again. Economy Professor from Harvard University passed a comment like....more than 50% percent financial meltdown comes from peoples pschychological way. So please don't talk negetive! Give us a hope like as before. We know the situation... what going on!!!!!!.
Let us have new qualified buyers make up their mind to buy and let money rolling who have some money in their account.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to hear some good news from you.
Best regards,

Saleh Uddin (Sal)
Lic. R.E.Consultant.
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