Friday, January 16, 2009

Voices for Change - Snehal Shah

Voices for Change.

Sounds very good, doesn't it? But my concern is will the politics of this country allow this new sun to shine brightly? And will the brightness of this new sun be enough to remove the clouds over the country?

I know it takes great deal of determination, courage and perseverance to come this far, but sir, this is not even the starting point. The real challenge begins now. We have to establish a new identity for America. We have to change the attitude of this country from grass root level. Each and every individual needs to change in order to change this country. And for that, far larger efforts than the campaign is necessary. Education of the people needs to be the key focus. And by education, it does not only mean just degrees or certificates but touches the broarder spectrum of values of life, hard work, dedication , sincerity etc.

This education is absolutely necessary if America wish to compete with the global world. America is competing with the countries that have thosands of years of cultural heritage. We need to build our culture. We need to identify our culture. We can no longer be divided culture without any unity. To achieve synergism within communities the diverse culture should blend, then only unity in diversity would be truely achieved. And for that people need to be educated to become selfless and to commit themselves to the upliftment of this country.

With all the fan fare and the glory of history being made, I salute you for accepting one of the biggest challenge a person has ever accepted so far. I wish you all the best and may your soul within your consciousness guide you thru a proper path.

Have fun and enjoy the journey for the next 8 years!
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