Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Voices for Change

Voices for Change.

Trace Stafford
"Bye bye bush :) hello Barack Obama 2012"

Sonja Sokol
I have to say that Barack is the man of many things. I am not objection about the ingauration but I feel strong against the outcome of other things especially the Oath.

Camille Simon
I am so very proud of you as a man and my president. I have just recently stopped tearing up when I see you announced. Your success mean to me: The world I leave my daughter is a better place than I inherited.

Sonja Sokol
I want to contact you because I have a strong feeling about the inaguration and the presidential oath. Plus I have to say that Barack is a talented man and at this age knows what his plan and his plan of action for America. I have to comment on that. I will always be an American girl within.

Marcie Graham
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