Monday, January 12, 2009

Voices for Change

Voices for Change.

Awang Satrijana
Thanks a lot, you have to invite me to your event, I am very happy, but more important is how your opinions about the state indonesian, because you never lived there, and I expect to help you, if you will help, because it still negaraku there are living in poverty, working hard in there, the financial crisis is a major cause, so I menharap help you to me, I own up to now have not got a job ... because of the financial crisis ..., please help me, I have the ability in the field of internet, I want to work in your country to achieve common goals.

David A Parish
Not soon enough to end this eight year long nightmare, Mr. President-Elect!

Sheri Costello
Thank you for giving us hope. You have already proven to me that I made the right choice! If you need the people, just call. You know where to find us.

Charles Poulin
canada is hopefull with Obama

Mark W Mirsky
Dear President-elect Obama:

I am a CPA in IL and have many clients that had to pull funds out of their retirement and IRA's in 2008. PLEASE try to push for relief for these people that have fallen on hard times. To eliminate the penalty on maybe the first $25k of withdrawals would help them a lot.

Bernard Eugene Willis
The economy has hit us so hard that I'm about to loose my family! I am a father of 3 with one on the way. I lost my job the week before christmas, my vehicle went down on us out of state the next week, and Right now, I am about to get put out of my house as of tomorrow if I don't have 200 dollars by sunday morning. It hurts! I pray that this change is going to e for the best. I have skills but North Carolina is not hiring anybody for anything. All I ask is that if the presidentelect has a job for me, then I accept it! Whatever it may be. I'll be the whitehouse gardener if need be. I need help and I put my trust in God and now that I have done so I pray Mr. Obama can deliver.
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