Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Voices for Change

Gabriele Nocco
Hello, Barack, My name is Gabriele I'm Italian-Costa Rican (I have 2 nacionalities because my mother is costa rican and my father italian) Actually I live in Costa Rica.
I want to know if you think visit my two contries someday, you are invited.

Gale Blaylock
I was at my daughters home( Monica Blaylock ) in London this weekend, She shares with 5 other academic Western university students, Hanging up in the living area is a picture of President elect Barack Obama .....
As i passed the picture i said..." thats my boyfriend" kiddingly ....
the girls said.......
You would have to stand in line.....everyone on campus loves Barack Obama.......
Mr. Obama ...You are a big hit , in Canada......Western Universilty loves you ..!!

Stella Nyawira Wangeci
am stella from kenya in nairobi city would just want to say you inspire me alot and please say anything so i can be happy!
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