Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Voices For Change

Voices for Change.

Yuki Kumashiro
We are all very, very excited about your presidency. Right now, very large number of people (including myself) are willing to whatever you tell us to do. I am pretty ignorant about the economy, just like many "Jane Does" out there... We need a concrete direction. This sounds stupid, but if you say, "I'll give you a tax break, here's $100 extra for your paycheck, go and use it to stimulate the economy," I would do just that. Now is the time. People are willing to jump, if you say "jump." Without a concrete directive, we are just a bunch of mass, milling about without action. Just imagine, millions of us doing just what you tell us to do... Now is the time!

Vic M Alvarez
I've been serving in the Army for 21 years and 7 months. I've never voted in the elections before, but voted in these past elections. I must say, I feel totally proud to have casted my vote for you. And yes, I was one of many people who cried during your acceptance speech in November. May God's blessings accompany you and your family always!

Frodon Saquet
Congratultion, and thanks for all the hope you brought in people since you've been elected!
Even here in Canada, we can feel ths hope and desire to work together all people, despite all our diffences to buit a world with more peace and justice. Thanks a whole lot. Can't wait for yor visit in Canada. And you should remember that lots tones of people here walk with you.

Joyce Nardulli
OMG, our Senator Obama is POTUS!! We are so PROUD of you and honored to know you. The whole State of Illinois, the whole nation and the whole world celebrates your Inauguration and wishes you God's blessings as you lead us to a new and better America.

Hella Trahan
I am so happy to have witnessed this day. I am a born german married for 38 years to an American diplomat, have lived 16 years in Africa and loved all of it. Now I am fullof hope for the first time in a long time. I wish you all the best. May God bless you and your beautiful family. Let Freedom ring! Hella Trahan

Cassandra Clouser
It is more important than ever to work together for the sake of our country. No more different sides of the fence... its time to unite and
make this country better for all and the world power it should be.
I am more than ready to help in any way I can.
Good luck and God bless.

Sharon Wilkinson
You have given all of America a new hope. I love seeing the kids and your family in the White House and yes you can make a difference. I am so proud, you represent America very well. It's nice to have a young family in office, I can tell by the way you look at Michelle you are in Love. You have comea long way from a yellow car that you could see the road
to president, all things are possible. I would like to join the Obama team.
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