Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The story of the economic recovery package (photos)

-- a milestone, but an early one, the very beginning of the long process of fixing the economic crisis we inherited.

Tomorrow we'll mark the end of that beginning, as President Obama travels to Denver, CO to sign the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that the House and Senate approved last Friday.

Over the past few weeks, the President spent some time with Americans across the country who are hurting because of this crisis. And the team has been working around the clock, meeting with House members, Senators, and governors -- Democratic and Republican alike -- to build and pass the recovery package.

Along the way, White House photographer Pete Souza, whose job it is to visually document everything the President does, has captured some pretty incredible behind-the-scenes images. It’s a glimpse of the President and of the White House that you don’t usually get to see.

Go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/09/02/16/The-story-of-the-economic-recovery-package-photos/ see all the photos
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